Let’s talk clean beauty

When I started this journey of becoming my best healthiest, self I was very concerned about what was going into my body. I wanted to be able to heal my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis from the inside out with food. Somewhere along the way I was introduced the concept that what we put on our bodies can be equally as important as what we are putting in them. It has taken me a long time to find products that are made with ingredients that I am proud to use and that ACTUALLY WORK. Primally Pure deodorant was the first natural deodorant that I was able to wear through a hot yoga or a spin class. I started using their products long before I partnered with them as an affiliate, but since partnering with them I have been able to try nearly every product and come up with these 5 products that I cannot live without.

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The 5 primally pure products that i cannot live without


Charcoal deodorant

This stuff would be my first Primally Pure purchase for sure. It is made with super clean ingredients and it ACTUALLY works. That is a miracle in the land of natural deodorants.


blue tansy beauty cream

Let me tell you all about my love affair with blue tansy. It started about a year ago when I first came across the essential oil: Valor. It has this incredible uplifting smell, but the real game changer with blue tansy is its anti-inflammatory properties. This was another product I used before I ever had an affiliate code with Primally Pure and I am so thankful for it. If you have an autoimmune condition you know that inflammation is a constant companion. Using this cream daily ensures that I don’t get a big patch of psoriasis on my money maker: my face.


The baby bar

I am not a baby nor do I have a baby yet this bar still tops my list of Primally Pure must haves. It is a luscious, but gentle cleanser made specifically for babies sensitive skin with goats milk. This cleanser is perfect for anyone who is super picky about the scents in their cleansers (like me!!). Anything too artificial and I start to itch all over so something as simple as this is so perfect.


almond + vanilla body butter

I have the horrible habit of waking up in the night to find I’ve scratched my psoriasis patches raw. It is painful, disheartening and makes it very difficult to fall back to sleep so I started keeping a thing of lotion next to my bed for those exact instances. This is my favorite one that I have tried. It is so creamy and smooth with a gentle scent. It re-hydrates me instantly and allows me to fall right back to sleep.


Cocoa lip balm

Ever feel like putting lip balm on your lips is legitimately just making them more dry? Not with the Primally Pure lip balm. I have to have one of these in my coat pockets all winter to stay hydrated and lets be honest: kissable. I especially love the cocoa flavor in the winter because it reminds me of drinking a cup of hot cocoa after playing in the snow.