Pineapple Raspberry and Coconut Popsicles

Creamy dairy-free homemade pineapple raspberry and coconut popsicles.

Recipe By: Madeline
Prep: 20 minutesCook: 12 hoursTotal: 12 hours 20 minutes
Servings: 10 popsicles 1x



  1. Prepare the raspberry swirl layer by add frozen raspberries and water to a sauce pan
  2. Heat over high for about 3 minutes and then mash with a potato masher of the back of a fork
  3. After mashing completely reduce the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes – be careful not to let it burn!
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely
  5. Prepare the pineapple mixture by blending the frozen pineapple, coconut beverage, salt and maple syrup (you can leave the maple syrup out if you want it is sweet enough with just fruit), blend until a smooth even mixture remains
  6. Assemble the popsicles by filling a 10 slot popsicle mold
  7. Fill half of each mold with the pineapple mixture 
  8. Then spoon in 1/2 tbsp of the raspberry puree into the mold
  9. Again fill the mold with the pineapple mixture until full
  10. Stick popsicle sticks in each pop and place the molds in the freezer to freeze
  11. Freeze for at least 12 hours to ensure they are fully solid
  12. Store in the fridge for up to a month!
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