Essential Oils: Getting Started

This is it!! Everything you need to know to start living the OILY LIFE. Let me start by saying that I am a total skeptic. I really didn't think seemingly expensive bottles of were going to change my life, but they honestly have. They have helped relieve terrible headaches from staring at my computer for too many hours and helped me finally get some sleep when my racing mind and broken heart wanted to keep me up all night.

This post is all about the set of oils you get when you get a Starter Kit from Young Living, but you can apply these principles to any essential oils. I recommend a starter kit because it really kickstarts your oil journey. You get a wide range of oils at a 50% savings discounted rate. If you go with a premium kit you also get a super cute diffuser that will soon become your most prized possession. You can sign up for your started kit with me here!

First things first: I know there are probably thousands of essential oil brands out there. They are even at the checkout at TJ Maxx, so why would you sign up with Young Living?! What it comes down to is not all oils are created equal and the labels of essential oils are basically unregulated. Ever buy an oil, throw it in a diffuser and realize you aren't smelling anything? That's probably because you aren't using an oil that is 100% essential oil.

Young Living has been providing high quality 100% oils for over 22 years. If you are putting this stuff into the air in your home or onto your skin, you want to be sure its a product that is safe for you and your family. With Young Living you have a product you can true PLUS they provide tons of education about their oils to their members. Long story short, with essential oils you get what you pay for and I couldn't be happier that I went with Young Living.

Now lets get into the oils that come in a starter kit 

Lavender - The Swiss army knife oil

  • Soothes & Cleanses skin - perfect for cuts, scrapes, bruises and blemishes
  • Increases Alertness - Helps me during that 3pm slump at work
  • Reduces Mental Stress - I keep it in a roller in my car for those stressful traffic jams
  • Promotes Sleep - My favorite bedtime routine is placing lavender, frankincense and grapefruit in my diffuser before I brush my teeth and wash my face. By the time I get back to my bed its a restful paradise.

Peppermint - Chill out with this oil

  • Improves concentration
  • Aids in healthy digestion - I love a few drops in hot water before bed
  • Relieves Head Pressure - Peppermint in a roller is a MUST after a night of drinking
  • Curbs Hunger and Snacking - I put some in my water with a drop of lemon at work. 
  • BONUS - put a few drops in brownie batter or cookies because MINT + CHOCOLATE is a match made in heaven

Lemon - The uplifting oil

  • Cleanses Toxins from the Body
  • Promotes a Healthy Nervous System
  • Uplifting Scent When Diffused - my favorite combo is lemon + peppermint or citrus fresh + peppermint when working from home
  • Digestive tonic - place a drop in a beverage after a meal

Theives - the hardest working oil

  • Supports a Healthy Immune System - Whenever I feel a cold coming on I take a drop of Thieves twice a day and it usually wards off the bad stuff. Thieves saved me from countless head colds last winter
  • Powerful cleanser - The starter kit comes with two types of thieves, the oil and the cleanser. I LOVE them both, but especially love the scent of the cleanser. when I clean my apartment I spray all my surfaces with one and diffuse the other.
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums

Panaway - Natures icy hot

  • Relieves Aches from Exercise
  • Gives a Cooling Sensation on the Skin
  • Soothes Head & Neck Tension - Panaway in a roller ball is a MUST for long days over a keyboard.
  • Promotes Well Being and Healing

Frankincense - My holy grail oil

  • This is the #1 oil that got me hooked - I knew I was going to love Lavender, but FRANK has my heart for all these reasons
  • Skin Soothing - Supports anti aging and reduces fine lines
  • Centering and Grounding - I love to diffuse this before bed or during an at home yoga class
  • Excellent for Massage - Get your loved ones involved with this one!
  • Mood - This is a day brightener when diffused.

Copaiba - Natural Anti-Inflammatory

  • Magnifier - This oil intensifies the properties of other oils when they are layered together 
  • Supports Body Response to Injury and Irritaiton - Good to mix with panaway or peppermint after a workout
  • Soothes Skin
  • Immunity Boost

Digize - Digestion discomfort tamed

  • Aids Digestive Discomfort - I LOVE THIS OIL - this will tackle any tummy ache like a pro. I drop a drop directly on my tongue or in a glass of water and within minutes of digesting I am finding relief.
  • Supports a Healthy Respiratory System
  • Glandular System Support 
  • Helps you get REGULAR - if ya know what I mean

Citrus Fresh - Brighten your day

  • Neutralizes odors
  • Smooths the Skin
  • Uplifts and Refreshes - Perfect to diffuse with peppermint

Raven - Respiratory healer

  • Eases Breathing Discomforts - Inhale or diffuse
  • Cooling Sensation When Applied Topically - Mix with a carrier oil and apply to chest to open respiratory channels
  • Sleep - apply to feet before bed to create an atmosphere of comfort
  • Shower - Drop in a steamy shower

Stress away - BONUS OIL

  • Bonus oil that comes in Young Living Starter kit
  • Combats Nervous Tension - Great to diffuse when you have a big project to work on
  • Induces Relaxation
  • Mantains Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Supports Natural Weight Loss - Stress can be a large deterent to fat loss.

Other Items that Come in the Premium Starter Kit

  • Diffuser 
  • 2 Ningxia Red Pouches 
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • A roller Top
  • Oil samples to share with friends!!

I truly belive oils can change anyones life or greatly ENHANCE the one you're already living. IF you're interested sign up for a premium starter kit here

OR fill out the form below with any questions. I had TONS of questions before I signed up so I am happy to answer all of yours.

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