Dairy Free Yogurt Taste Test

For the last few months I've been completely ignoring the signs my body was telling me about my autoimmune diseases. I've been terribly inflamed and instead of course correcting I just keep eating and drinking whatever the heck I want even when I know it is making me sick. 

Food is so powerful and its time that I take the knowledge that I have and apply it! So for the next few weeks I will be cutting out the majority of the known inflammatory foods. One of which is DAIRY. So on my hunt for a good dairy free alternative I thought I'd try them all out for you and let you know what I think! SPOILER ALERT: They aren't that great and I'll probably make it at home in the future.

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** These are ranked from my least favorite to most favorite. This post is in no way sponsored and this is all my genuine opinion :)

7. Forager Plain Cashewgurt


Rating 1/10

Would not eat again.

$1.99 per serving

100 Calories

7g Fat

9g Carb

3g Protein

6. Kite Hill Plain


Rating 3/10

Guar gum and cane sugar ingredients - bland taste, watery

$1.99 per serving

160 Calories

13g Fat

5g Sugar

6g Protein




5. Kite Hill Plain Greek

kite hill plain unsweeted.jpg

Rating 4/10

Slightly better than plain Kite Hill because thicker texture.

$1.99 per serving

12g Fat

7g Carb

2g Sugar

No added sugars! But still didn't enjoy taste.


4. Lavva Original

Rating 4/10

Better as a sour cream sub than as yogurt.

$1.99 per serving

170 Calories

2g protein

7g sugar

13g fat

Main ingredients - coconut, plantain, pilinutes


3. The Coconut Collaborative Original

coco collab.jpg

Rating 6/10

GOOD! But contains potato starch. Would buy again if they remove potato starch.

$1.99 per serving

150 Calories

12g Fat

2g Protein

7g Sugar


2. So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Yogurt

so delicious.jpg

Rating 8/10

Great ingredients. Great taste. Wish it was a little thicker.

$1.99 per serving

110 Calories

7g Fat

3g Fiber

<1g Protein

<1g Sugar

1. Coyo Natural


Rating 9/10

My favorite and OF COURSE most expensive and hardest to find. Thick, tangy and rich.

$3.79 Per container (multiple servings even though its small)

Made primarily from coconut cream.

390 Cal

38g Fat

5g Fiber

3g Protein

5g of Sufar

There you have it!! Coyo was certainly my favorite. A lot of people will be scared off by the calorie content and fat content in coyo, but my answer to that is use it as a condiment!! I wouldn't eat a container of this on its own I will use it in bowls or with fruit, to top a smoothie or combine with lime juice and drizzle on some nachos!! Overall glad I did this taste test but am certainly more motivated to make my own in the future.

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